Marriage Rules - Massachusetts

Dear Partners to be: Congratulations !!
You have decided to embark on your blissful journey. We at City/Town Hall want to make sure that your travel is as tension free as possible. Based on requirements we have created the following instructions, which will guide you to prepare the necessary forms to be submitted to City/Town Clerk’s office in order to comply with the requirements for the Commonwealth.
First of all, keep handy of Commonwealth Laws and Guideline document -
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Fill up the following forms.
a. Notice of Intention form
b. Supplementary form
c. Worksheet form
Intention form - Please make sure that the following information is handy when filling up the forms. All biographical information – Sometimes not readily available are Mother/Father’s Surname of birth or Adoption. Make sure you have this information.
Venue - By this time you decided on your venue - City/Town Hall or a venue of your choice. Check off the selected site. If city/town hall, almost all information is autofilled. If the venue is other than the city/town hall, then provide name and address of venue.
Officiant - Provide officiant’s name and address.
Complete all 3 forms on line and submit on line to the attention of City/Town Clerk. An email will be sent to you.
Contact City/Town Clerk’s office Please carry this email when going to City/Town Clerk’s office.
Please carry the required fee.
Effective October 26, 2022, individuals under the age of 18 are prohibited from getting married.
Please be prepared to show Proof of Age to the Clerk’s office, as mandated by MGL Ch.207 S.33A. Please bring ONE from the following list of acceptable proof: an original or certified copy of a record of birth; an original or certified copy of a baptismal record; a passport; a life insurance policy; an employment certificate; a school record; an immigration record; a naturalization record; or a court record.
City/Town Clerk’s office will verify data. Both of you and City/Town Clerk will sign the forms. City/Town Clerk will attest and accept your forms and give copies to you.
You will be instructed to come back after 3 days to pick up marriage license.
You should proceed to get married within 60 days.
Officiant shall sign and certify the Marriage License and send license to City/Town Hall. You will be notified.
You may request copies from City/Town Hall.
Best Wishes.
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