Public Records

What is a Public Record?                            
Every record that is made or received by a government entity or employee is presumed to be a public record unless a specific statutory exemption permits or requires it to be withheld in whole or in part. A list of exemptions may be found at Chapter 4, Section 7(26) of the Massachusetts General Laws. For more information, follow this link:

What is a Public Records Request?
A public records request is a request to either inspect, copy or both, public records. There is no requirement that the request be made in person or in writing, or be in any particular form. The person making the request is not required to identify himself/herself, or to provide information about the reason for the request or how the records will be used. The request must be clear enough to enable the Town to conduct a meaningful search. The Town may ask questions about the request in order to respond to the request fully and in a timely manner. The State acknowledges that access to information is a fundamental and necessary right of every citizen.

Where can I request a Public Record?
Requests for public records may be submitted by clicking on the link provided below:

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Student Records

What is a Student Record?                            
Student records include, but are not limited to, standardized test scores, evaluations by counselors, attendance rates, parent/teacher correspondence, email correspondence between staff, discipline files, etc. More information on what constitutes a student record can be found in MA 603 CMR 23.00.

What is a Student records Request?
According to Massachusetts Education Laws and Regulations, eligible students and parents shall be able to request access to all student educational records. The Public Schools of Brookline is committed to safeguarding the privacy of student information and has created this process as a way to ensure all student records requests are handled securely and consistently throughout the district.

Where can I request a Student Record?
Requests for student records may be submitted by clicking on the link provided below:

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